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    Craig J Frooninckx is an experienced real estate agent and businessman who prides himself on his education and professionalism. Based in Arizona, Craig owes his success not only to his reliability but also to the quality of his work.

    Unlike many real estate agents, Craig was not satisfied with simply passing a real estate exam. Rather, he devoted himself to his studies, determined to learn everything possible about laws, guidelines, financing, and marketing in his area. He holds the e-Pro® certification and has a Graduate Realtor® Institute designation, which signifies that he has received the training to meet the demands of a technologically savvy world.

    In addition to his technology certifications, Craig has an undergraduate degree in computer science and an M.B.A. This combination of education gives him an immense amount of experience that he applies to his work every day. He has a deep understanding of how to utilize technology in a way that makes real estate transactions smoother and timelier. He is also able to take a large amount of data and convert it into a form that is readable and valuable to his clients.  Additionally, his M.B.A. taught him extensively about business planning and marketing, skills he utilizes to ensure his clients sell their homes quickly and easily.

    Ultimately, Craig‘s goal is to focus on quality, not quantity. He is not seeking to be another Million Dollar real estate agent who is impersonal and only concerned with profit. Rather, Craig spends time getting to know his clients and relies on word of mouth, not expensive advertising, to grow his business. Future clients will appreciate his honesty, his advice, and his understanding and kind personality.

    Find him at DPR Realty, LLC, one of the fastest growing real estate brokers in the valley.

    Craig Frooninckx

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