Their team goes through statistical analysis, interviews, fundamental analysis, and the stance the market might take in the future. With this, you can get a good perspective on the market, which might give you an advantage. However, crypto investments are a risky venture due to their high volatility.

Tools For Crypto Traders

An awesome curated list of resources, software and tools for crypto traders. Overall, CoinMarketCal is a great research tool where you can explore listed events in the crypto space and keep track of new events in real time. Some of these sites also bring to the knowledge of their viewers in case it’s their first time trading.

Automate Your Trading

Many wallets offer this functionality, although we recommend MetaMask since investors can download it on iOS, Android, or Google Chrome. As highlighted earlier in this article, crypto exchange software solutions Dash 2 Trade stands out from the crowd in this regard. The Dash 2 Trade ecosystem contains an abundance of useful tools and features, all within one user-friendly dashboard.

Established in 2018, Uniswap, an automated token exchange, became the first extensively used permissionless DEX. The platform allows you to trade ERC-20 tokens directly through a web 3.0 wallet. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, a good crypto exchange can make a lot of difference while trading crypto. If you want to know about some of the best tools for trading crypto, you are at the right spot.

This platform offers its users access to live crypto prices and order book data from over 800 exchanges. Users also have the option to design their dashboard based on the crypto charting tools they prefer. These tools help traders to visualize live exchange data and come with in-built technical analysis indicators and overlays. It also a behaviour analytics platform for cryptos, and even development information on 900+ crypto assets. It aims to create market standards for crypto market data, best practices and project transparency.

You must track the cost basis so that you can calculate your gains or losses for every transaction. However, there are a number of crypto tax software suites available to make things simpler. It can be challenging, even for the most experienced investors, to keep up with the volatility of the crypto markets. Fortunately, there are several crypto research sites and tools that can help investors gain insight into this space. Proficient traders use the best crypto tools before making a move. Crypto traders can indeed use Messari for free – however, as imaginable, the core features are limited.

Best Tools for Trading Crypto – Research Reports

Here, investors can choose whether they wish to exchange Ethereum or Tether for D2T tokens. There are many wallets in the market that can store cryptocurrencies safely; however, Dash 2 Trade recommends using MetaMask. Those who wish to use this crypto tool can get on board with the starter pack at $19 a month. It is also possible to try out the demo platform before signing up for a paid plan. This ERC-20 token is a necessary prerequisite to access the different features of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. As of writing, the Dash 2 Trade platform has successfully raised over $4 million for its presale – which is selling out fast.

Tools For Crypto Traders

In addition to protecting your funds from external threats, using a reliable wallet also ensures the smooth functioning of day-to-day transactions. A well-designed user interface makes it easy to send and receive funds, check balances, and monitor activity. Market data is essential for every trader or investor because it provides the context needed to make trading decisions. When you see charts that look like they’re moving in one direction, but the technical indicators tell you otherwise, you need to know why.

LunarCrush analyses social media platforms to monitor the sentiment of millions of crypto investors and traders in real-time. While there can be a lot of noise when scrolling through your social accounts, LunarCrush can help separate the signal from the noise. When you create an account with Cointree, you’ll automatically receive a free portfolio tracker available in your dashboard.

The Best Charting Tools For Crypto Traders

It has over 75 drawing tools, 85 technical indicators, and screen layouts. The tool allows users to configure trading pairs and draw charts through its integration with the TradingView charting tool. Needless to say, crypto is also volatile to market changes, and this aspect makes it one of the riskiest investment assets. Investors with experience can leverage this vulnerability to make profits. However, many new investors are plunging into the market without any prior knowledge or education. Technical tools are a great way to bridge this gap and provide every type of investor with the information to make better trading decisions.

  • Coin Dance is a Bitcoin dynamic analysis tool backed by a lot of data.
  • Good crypto portfolio tracking apps often have features that allow you to set customized alerts for price movements or changes in market trends.
  • Easily find and fix issues with your transactions Say goodbye to absurd gains and inaccurate tax reports.
  • You have the option to do these things on your mobile also as CryptoPanic provides apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Get access to the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ and high-yield Earn on Crypto suite, any place with the Nexo Wallet App.
  • With the help of the right crypto analysis tools, anyone can get a competitive advantage over everyone and reach market-shifting information in the crucial moments when it truly matters.

As is evident, there are a wide variety of cryptocurrency tools available in the market these days. The good news is that investors do not need to sign up with multiple platforms to gain access to all these tools. Nonetheless, the best crypto tools alert their users about new coin listings so that they don’t miss out on any investment opportunities that could potentially turn out to be profitable. This way, Shrimpy can automate an investor’s portfolio allocation.


These are some of the best crypto analysis tools for a serious trader. Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currency. The platform is one of the most user-friendly exchanges in operation, and it offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for both beginners and experienced traders.

And to further add to that, there isn’t a lot of history to this space either. CoinGecko provides a helpful alternative in the space, against the behemoth monopoly garnered by CMC – and especially so since it is now owned by Binance’s investment arm. It was founded back in 2014 with the mission to democratize access of crypto data and empower users worldwide with actionable insights. A decentralized exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace where traders/investors can trade tokens in a non-custodial manner without an intermediary. One of the biggest advantages of using a decentralized exchange is that users don’t have to deposit funds on the exchange. This, certainly, adds greater security while using the exchange, but they are often not user-friendly and have less liquidity.

The tools of the trade

BitMEX is a good alternative to spot trading exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro. Intermediate Intermediate Series 4 Strategies for Surviving a Crypto Bear Market Investing in bear markets? In this article, we’ll walk you through four strategies and mindsets that can help keep you safe.Intermediate Intermediate Series What Is the Ethereum Virtual Machine ? Key Crypto Infrastructure The Ethereum Virtual Machine helps developers build DeFi applications, scale web3, and launch NFT projects on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Tools For Crypto Traders

I use this section almost every day to keep track of news events and drama. You can rest assure that you are getting quality trading tools that focus on productivity, easy to use, and of course help make you money. Professional Trading Tool packages designed specifically for MetaTrader. Includes indicators, robots, utilities, and an integrated crypto bridge to Binance, Bitmex, Bybit and many more exchanges.

With CryptoPanic’s free version, you can follow highly customized news according to the coins you are interested in. Crypto is a relatively a small market which is highly influenced by news. That’s why it becomes important to know the news and then gauge the sentiments of the market. CryptoPanic is another favorite tool of mine that helps me stay on top of the news from the cryptosphere. It is a must-have tool to be used while making your crypto strategy and the good thing is that it is totally free to use. But if you are someone who wants to dig deeper and increase their reach as well as reduce their risk by using several exchanges then Altrady is for you.

The Six Best Crypto Technical Tools to Try in 2023

CryptoQuant helps you get vital information about the new flows of exchanges. This means you can get a pretty good sense of whether the overall trend in the market is buying or selling. If exchanges are increasing their net flow, this may lead investors to think that markets will drop as users sell their crypto on an exchange.

The information in this site does not contain investment advice or an investment recommendation, or an offer of or solicitation for transaction in any financial instrument. IG accepts no responsibility for any use that may be made of these comments and for any consequences that result. 3Stop-loss orders close your position automatically if the market moves against you. Normal stop-loss orders are free, but there’s no guarantee of protection against slippage. Guaranteed stops will close your position exactly the price you specified, but incur a premium if triggered.

Tapping the “+” button in the menu will give you drawing options, and much more. Tapping the “fx” button will open a whole world of technical indicators! Let’s look at the Alerts section of the application, and explore how to get price alerts for one of the thousands of markets that the app provides. A BTC price alert will make sure you look at the market exactly at the right time, and not waste your energy waiting for the perfect moment to engage with it. When you get price alerts, you can simply make opportunities come to you. Getting notified when markets move intensely, you can go in on the action and trade volatility.