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What are Considered Neutral Colors?

When staging a home for sale, you often hear that your walls or overall paint should be neutral. But what constitutes a neutral color? A neutral color is a color that appeals to the greatest number of people.

Most people know that beiges, creams, and lighter browns are often considered neutral colors. You use the lighter colors in smaller spaces to make them appear larger and you can use a little deeper, richer shade when trying to make a large space look cozy. In the main spaces of a home, your best resell value will be attained by using these colors.

Some other colors that are often considered neutral are sage green, creamy yellows, and grey-blues. The challenge when a home owner ventures into more color is picking the right shade. If you pick the wrong sage green, you may end up more pastel and the wrong grey-blue could make for a depressing room. For those that are interested in using color, but are concerned about repainting when it’s time to sell, try to limit the color to a room or one wall. Additionally, try not to use color in the entry rooms and master bedroom or bath as these are the primary rooms that buyers focus on. Although buyers also focus on the kitchen, they are typically more open to limited color in this room.

If you are still concerned about picking a neutral paint color, talk to a professional. Both interior designers and home stagers can help with picking out neutral colors for paint. Additionally, these professionals can assist in making a less neutral paint color look better for resale by the way the décor and accessories are utilized in the room.

So boring real estate beige is still a great neutral color for resale, but there are many shades of beige and brown to work with and you can bring more color into your home through your art, throw pillows, and accessories!