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Time for Armchairing the Economy

This is purely a rant on my part, I would never, EVER, want to be in the position of trying to fix the economy, it’s broken in so many places that I can’t even figure out where to start.  This is just an observation and an opinion that I have of something that could be done and would have a great return.

Okay, so I’ve watched the government create a couple of bail-out, stimulus and this and that all in hopes of “fixing” the economy.  I’ve watched our new President speak about how it will take time.  And I’m glad to see that he is being realistic in a tough situation, and I don’t wish to be him for anything.

I am a bit discouraged that we keep bailing out companies (i.e. giving them money), but that money doesn’t go anywhere.  The whole definition of an economy is the movement of money.  To fix the economy (i.e. get money moving again), we need to give the money to companies that will get it out there and moving.

Okay, great first step, limit the corporate executives pay, I wish you luck policing that one!  Next step, let’s bail out the Small Businesses!!!  Have we done anything to stimulate the small companies out there.  You know, the vast majority of businesses and the vast majority of the ones that will spend the money to either stay alive or grow?

With unemployment starting to skyrocket (literally), may are turning to opening their own business, like these guys.  Classic case of those that turn lemons into lemonade.  Of course I was very discouraged that they used their 401k to fund their adventure instead of a SBA loan.  I sure hope that was because they didn’t ask because I would be very discouraged to learn that they were turned down for an SBA loan right now.

So, I’m ready to see a SBA stimulus bill, any politicians listening???

I will dismount my soapbox now.