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What about the HOA Dues?

I get this question a lot when someone is considering a purchase of a Foreclosed property. When they buy the home what happens to the back due HOA dues? Arizona law is pretty clear on this, HOA dues are a personal liability and will remain with the person that didn’t pay them. In other words […]

Home Warranty Policies

Finding a home, financing a home, moving, these are all important steps in the process. Another step is picking a home warranty. Understanding a home warranty is another major milestone.

From costs to what is covered, home warranty programs can vary extensively. The variables that shape cost and coverage are often determined by location, detail […]

What are Fixtures and Personal Property?

The standard contract from the Arizona Association of Realtors is pretty clear on what a fixture is and what is included in the sale of a property:


FHA Repair Guidelines

In today’s Phoenix Market, there are quite a few buyers that are using the FHA financing and sometimes they are surprised by the rules associated with repairs. Today, I’m going to try to describe some of the conditions to be prepared for.

FHA has shifted from the emphasis on repair of minor items and now […]

No SPDS if Owner Never Occupied Home

A common expression in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS®) and raises questions by prospective Phoenix buyers, what does it mean. Well, this is a message from the listing agent to the buyer’s agent to put add a clause to the contract waiving the buyer’s rights to receive a Seller Property Disclosure Statement […]