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Running Season.. Well, Racing Season

This year, I set out to run 500 miles, so far, I’m up to 441 miles.  The good news, I’ve dropped 9 pounds and shaved a minute off my Personal Best Pace (pbp), I’m currently at 9:11 per mile, or roughly 6.6 mph.  I’m happy with my results, even though it’s still not good enough to place in my age group, it’s very marked improvements that I am enjoying.

I like this time of the year, I’m more excited about getting up early on a weekend and go run a race.  I really like the 5k races, not too long that I’m gone all day, not long enough that I need to worry about water during the race, just enough to feel good and have some fun.  It really is a lot of fun to be out with a group of people doing a run/walk.

My next race is for a good cause, the Toys for Tots run.  Last year I found the 4 Peaks Racing Group, they host events in the North Valley, close to home, they start around 9 am and this route is a combination of road and trail far enough away from traffic that you think you are pretty isolated.

So, if you are looking for a race this holiday season, come out and join me for a run.