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Moving to Arizona

As the Winter season is full swing throughout much of the country, many from colder locations will start to consider if they want to endure another winter or possible relocate to a warmer client, such as Arizona.  Since the median home prices in Arizona have decreased in the last year, more serious consideration will be taken than normal.  In this short post, I plan to share some of my lessons learned when I moved out and have since lived in Arizona.

Phoenix is spread out

I lived and grew up in Northern Illinois, having watch Chicago grow from a vertical city to a mega center of many suburbs.  In Phoenix, we’re a large flat city.  This is partially because there were limits on how tall the buildings could be and that land was cheap to buy and build, so to go from the Northwest Valley to the Southeast Valley can take over an hour to drive.  Please consider this the most important part of your decision on where to buy in Phoenix.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time in traffic getting to and from work.  Also consider where you will want to enjoy your leisure time and other needs that you may have.

There is some logic to the Roads here

To put it short, East of Central are Street and West of Central are Avenues.  Steve Belt did an excellent job of describing the whole grid system that we use in the Valley.  You can also check out the local traffic at

Phoenix is a desert

You will have to adjust to that (sorry, it won’t adjust to you, no matter how much grass you plant).  Since moving here, I’ve met a good portion of the wildlife.  Two baby rattlesnakes (very dangerous), several scorpions, coyotes, black widows.  Learn how to handle them when encountered and you’ll do fine.  I have yet to make an Emergency Room visit her (knock on wood).  Also, learn how to take care of yourself in this climate.  I’ve never carried or drank as much water as I do in Phoenix, this is important to be aware of in the summer months

Also, enjoy the winter blood as long as you can.  What I mean is that for the first two years I was here, I swam in a non-heated pool year round.  Now that my blood as thinned I only swim in non-heated pools from April to late October.  It’s cool to be able to swim when you want and during the off months, you can almost have the pool to yourself.  Enjoy it, it’s probably one of the reasons you moved here.