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What’s important when selling your Home

As a successful real estate agent, I’m always looking at factors that contribute to a successful sale of a home.  I’ve identified 6 factors that contribute to the success, listed in order of importance:

  1. Pricing – Pretty straight forward, if the price is lower than the competition, it will sell quickly, if it is higher than the competition, than it will take a while (if at all) to sell.
  2. Home Condition and Presentation – this is why staging is so important in so many markets now.  Staging costs are typically 1% of the list price, your first price reduction is often 5%.  I say keep the 5% in the list price and spend 1% to stage it.
  3. MLS Presentation – I’ve seen MLS listings with little description and blurry photos (if any), they really don’t sell the home, that’s why it’s important to make sure this is not only accurate but looks good, especially since the MLS feeds so many other websites now.
  4. Your Agent – well, actually this is misleading since your agent should be taking care of the other 5 factors, but I’ve seen listings sell faster when the agent knows the property that they are selling.
  5. Dedicated property website– a web site dedicated to just marketing your home for sale.  Quite a few buyers find these sights when doing more in depth research.  Having video, more photos and community information can seal the deal.
  6. Yard Sign and Flyer’s– The yard sign helps passer-bys know the home is for sale and able to locate it quickly when in a new neighborhood.  The flyer gives them something to hold and remember the property with.