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How do I prepare to sell your home?

With the Phoenix real estate market getting hot now with demand outpacing the supply currently out there, I’m getting more calls from sellers giving some thought to selling their home. There is a lot out there on how to prepare your home for sale, but you probably don’t know what agents do to prepare to sell your home. Mileage will differ depending on the agent used but this is what I do.

Understand the Neighborhood Market. This is where I look at the data that goes into the Comparative Market Analysis, not only do I look at the sale price but what the original list price was to know if its going up or down. Days on Market, is it short, long and what’s the average. What sort of concessions are being made by the sellers. What agents are doing to sell and make it easy (or hard) to show the property. I consult with Zillow, Trulia, RPR and CloudCMA. This gives me price range and market conditions.

Market Strategy. No two properties are the same when it comes to selling. I try to understand the advantages of the area and the home so I can plan to highlight that. I also want to consider disadvantages so I can either address them or down play them. I want to consider the most likely buyers for this property and the method they are going to use to find the home. Should I market online or in print. Do I want a sign, professional photographer, open house? Do I want to throw a broker party on get on a tour?

Goals of the seller. Do they want a quick sale, high price or just get away from the home? What are their motivations to sell and what is their plan when it is sold?

Conditions of the Home. This is important because it will mean the difference in a lower price in the range or a higher price. I want to see the home to know what potential buyers will think when they walk in the door so I can prepare them to fall in love with and write an offer for the home. This is where I may recruit a home stager or handyman to assist if funds are available.

Take all of this and mix it up and cook for 30 minutes and you’ve got a custom plan to sell a home.