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Cromford March 2017

Probably the most under-used statistic that we really like is the annual sales rate. Most people look at it once per year, given that it is an annual measurement. However, we recalculate it every day and study it on a weekly basis to detect changes in the market.

The overall annual sales rate for all areas & types in the ARMLS database is 90,739 as of Feb 14, up 7.4% from 84,464 last year on the same date. This is a healthy increase over 12 months and shows that the market is expanding. The primary reason is that people have been improving their credit scores and are qualifying for home loans more readily as a result. This is a result of all the foreclosures and short sales that are now getting old enough to drop out of the credit score formula.

For Greater Phoenix only, the ARMLS annual sales rate has increased from 82,695 to 88,748, a rise of 7.3%, almost the same percentage as for all areas & types.

Lender owned sales (REOs) have however dropped from 3,071 to 1,981 per year, down 35%, while short sales and pre-foreclosures have fallen from 2,568 to 1,950 per year, a somewhat less dramatic decrease of 24%. To compensate for these falls, the normal transactions have increased from 77,056 to 84,817, a rise of 10%.