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Apple and the iMenu

On the heals of Apple announcing quite the incredible earnings seen in technology history and the market’s response by making it the most valuable company, I have another prediction of how Apple is going to change the future, specifically the restaurant industry now…


I’m spoiled…

For 4 years I’ve volunteered and served on the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service Committee. I wanted to make a small dent in the company and improve it by challenging it to think outside of the box. In that time, I feel that I’ve gained more knowledge and understanding of our system than I necessarily […]

Apple iPad and the Future of Real Estate

It’s no secret that I use Apple for my technology. In fact, I get calls from agents that are making the switch from PC to Mac and it’s always fun to talk to them about it. Recently the questions have been around iPad. From a previous post, I predicted that the iPad would be a […]

I love Game Changers and I see one coming

I don’t write about technology too often, generally my readers are more interested in Real Estate than in my take or use of technology. But I love game changers and I see one coming up in just a couple of weeks. Apple, in my opinion, the leader in game changing technology is rumored to come […]

ARMLS Adds Accessibility Features

The first house I purchased in Phoenix was from a couple where the wife had a below the knee amputation. I had met with them several times during the transaction and the discussion of the work that they did to make the house more accessable was surprising to me (in time, cost and effort). They […]