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The Great Flood of 2012

Last week we were hit with a couple of strong storms with heavy rain. At home we only suffered minor damage to some outside furniture but nothing to write a blog post about. When I drove my daughter to her charter kindergarten class, I learned the pre-school classroom had 2 inches of standing water from […]

Isn’t that Al?

Last week, the family was having a nice dinner at the local Chipolte restaurant after one of my hectic days of running around, we’ve all been there, too tired to put a dinner together so let’s have someone else make our dinner for us. Catching up on how school and work was when my wife […]

The Pursuit of Moving Industry Forward

I’m a closet geek, I still write-up a Perl or Ruby script to have my systems do magical things to make my life and work easier. I like to solve problems. One of the blogs that I follow is for 37signals, a great and inspirational company. In a recent post they pointed out the different […]

Thoughts from Vacation…

Just returned from a quick trip to Disneyland, I took my very excited 5-year-old to the happiest place on earth and she was very excited and had a great time. While I was there, I made several observations:

Jay Thompson had already beat me to several Disneyland locations on Foursquare so I didn’t get very […]

My departure from the ARMLS Committee

Yesterday, it would appear that I shocked a number of people when I arrived at the ARMLS Twilight Training at WeMAR. I did it because I miss the friends that I’ve made while volunteering on the ARMLS Committee also those years. For a better part of my real estate career I’ve given back by volunteering […]