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The next ARMLS® CEO is…

FIrst off, a hat tip to Greg Robertson for reminding me with his thoughts on ARMLS CEO, that I also wanted to write on it.  When I heard that Bob Bemis was leaving ARMLS to go to Zillow, several waves of thoughts ran through me, first of which was to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.  After making sure someone wasn’t playing a practical joke in the cyber-world, I knew that this day would come.  Bob is a visionary, I can accuse him of that because I’m a visionary.  There is nothing wrong with that, and Bob does it well, his visions sometimes stretch what I think is possible and I admire what he has done at ARMLS®.  I then began to become selfish, what is going to happen to ARMLS, my biggest asset in my job as a Realtor®?  Who will run the ship?

Then Matt Consalvo came to mind.  To be far, when I met Matt over 4 years ago, he was with Supra and I didn’t think much of him.  I considered him to be another vendor giving me lip service.  What I learned was I couldn’t be more wrong about Matt.  Within a few short months he was demonstrating to me one of his core principles, Customer Service.  Matt followed up on everything.  I can remember one Saturday morning having a problem with my ActiveKey when I was supposed to have a marathon of showings.  Matt called me directly, I could hear soccer games in the background, I felt bad that I was taking time away from his family.  Matt didn’t waste anytime, he had made arrangements for me to meet up with our new Saturday service desk to get a new key.  (This was also the first time I met his right arm, Jennifer, which was equally impressive with her desire to make things right).

Matt and I have had several deep conversations about many topics and he has the ability to reframe my thoughts and help to produce better ideas.  He is patient and understanding.  Customer Service is truly ingrained in his DNA, it’s one of his passions in life (as I’ve also learned over the years is his family, another trait that I admire).  When Matt was named the COO of ARMLS®, I nodded my head in agreement, it was a perfect fit, and you could see it throughout the organization, more focus and higher achievements were evident as Matt took on day-to-day operations.  Bob was the visionary, Matt made them a reality.

I have very little to do with ARMLS® as my time on the committee didn’t feel as important as my health, family and clients became the 3 focus areas for me.  I still keep in touch, and do expect that one day I will return.  So this is my opinion, ARMLS could not have a better leader at the helm of the ship than Matt Consalvo.  I respect him and his leadership and I truly believe that employees, stakeholders, members, and vendors do as well.  I do encourage the 4 member boards to look for Bob’s replacement, but don’t stretch too far from home because you have a very qualified candidate right there.