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October 2013 Market Summary

The market is hurtling towards normality at great speed now.

Sellers have had it all their own way for a couple of years but their grip on the controls is loosening.

Here are the basic ARMLS numbers for October 1, 2013 relative to October 1, 2012 for all areas & types:

Active Listings (excluding UCB): […]

October 2013 Cromford Observation

We saw pending listings start to move sharply lower from July onwards this year. It was not until October that the monthly sales rate made a corresponding move downwards. However once pending sales move lower it is only a matter of time before sales follow suit and this matter of time appear to be about […]

Partner Spotlight: Scott Morrow

Mortgage Agent with Movement Mortgage

Scott Morrow likens the mortgage application process to getting a “financial physical.” Lenders check your history, draw blood and poke around in areas you prefer to keep private. The process is very detailed and can seem intrusive but like a checkup, it makes sense to stay ahead of any […]

How to Read an MLS Sheet

If you’ve shopped for a home, you’ve seen the MLS listing. Most of the information is easy to interpret, but there are a few abbreviated terms you should know about.

Box 1 & 2: Home specs and Lot specs

Most of the content in these fields are self-explanatory. If Bedrooms Plus is greater than number […]