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What do Home Buyers want in their New Home

Every year this topic comes up, and it’s always a little different from year to year. This year is no exception. The top spot goes to Energy Efficiency. Buyers want to be a little more green and have a bit smaller utility bill than in the past. I’ve also noticed a desire for kitchen items […]

Picking a Mortgage Agent and Product before looking for a home

New buyers often start looking for a home before consulting with a Mortgage Agent and in the current fast paced Phoenix Real Estate Market, that would be a mistake. I’ve seen this happen to so many of my clients that started with another agent. They found the home they wanted and started to put an […]

What is Title Insurance?

This comes up during the closing process almost every time. When you are buying a property, you want to own it without any liens or encumbrances from previous owners. The title company will spend time researching public records to find any such notes against the property. When they are done they work to clear any […]

Listing Photos, oh how important are you?

This is another one of my rants, inspired by the post Why You Need to Add More Photos to Your Listing NOW. As usual Melissa does a great job of talking through the topic and quoting experts on the topic as well as studies and the like. I on the other hand just speak from […]