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Single Loan Short Sale Timing

I’ve beaten this subject to a pulp over the last couple of months, but I worry that sellers that need to short sale are going to miss the train and then they will be stuck. On December 21, 2012 the Mortgage Forgiveness Relief Act is set to expire. So if you close on your home […]

The Great Flood of 2012

Last week we were hit with a couple of strong storms with heavy rain. At home we only suffered minor damage to some outside furniture but nothing to write a blog post about. When I drove my daughter to her charter kindergarten class, I learned the pre-school classroom had 2 inches of standing water from […]

The 2012 Phoenix Real Estate Market

A year ago, I received a call from a women that was looking for a condo to purchase for a second home. That week we looked at 4 homes that exactly matched what she was looking for and she picked her favorite. She bought it at 5% below the list price. She was happy.

Fast […]

What is a CURE Notice?

Let’s start with a reference to the Arizona Association or Realtors┬« Purchase Contract, lines 272-275, you will find a paragraph:

CURE Period: A party shall have an opportunity to cure a potential breach of this Contract. If a party fails to comply with any provision of this Contract, the other party shall deliver a notice […]

How to find a Good Agent

Over the weekend while I was at a social event, I was asked, how do I find a good agent? Well, of the course the first question I have is where, just in case I know of a good agent in the area (including me). In this case it was not in an area where […]