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What about the HOA Dues?

I get this question a lot when someone is considering a purchase of a Foreclosed property. When they buy the home what happens to the back due HOA dues? Arizona law is pretty clear on this, HOA dues are a personal liability and will remain with the person that didn’t pay them. In other words […]

How to be a Good Home Seller

As agents, we often sit there and tell you what we’re going to do to sell your home and have some realistic expectations on pricing. Maybe we should take another step back and actually tell you what mindset you should have when selling your home to be the most successful. Selling your Phoenix home isn’t […]

Preparing for the Inspection (Seller)

This is often overlooked as it’s just an inspection, well when contracts get cancelled, most often it is during the inspection period. Here are some tips to keep the inspection moving smoothly:

Make sure all interior and exterior light fixtures work. If an outdoor fixture bulb is out, the inspector has to note that the […]

Is your Agent Protecting Your Home?

This one comes from my pet peeve department. Our local MLS has released a Best Practices for agents and their listings. So a little back story, there is a string of thefts going on where the thief will call up an agent with a listing and claim to be an agent, going so far as […]

Fair Market Value

Mark this as one of those brutally honest discussions many agents will not have with their clients. When it comes to pricing your home for sale, it doesn’t matter what your neighbor’s home sold for in the past, and it doesn’t matter what your own home was worth in the past. Home prices are dynamic. […]