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True cost of Pricing Your Home

When a potential Phoenix Seller calls me and says they want to sell their home, this triggers a change of events beyond the scheduling of an appointment. I’m researching the value of the home compared to other local homes that recently sold. I’m looking at Automated Value sites like Zillow, Trulia and RPR to gain […]

Tracking Listings in your Portal

When you are shopping for a home you will see lots of them on-line over time and it can become a headache to track them over the course of weeks that you are searching. The good news is that if you either register for a portal or I’ve created one for you, you can mark […]

The new Record holder with 95 offers..

MLS # 4745038

Recently The Cromford Report listed a new record for a listing:

June 19 – We have a new contender for the greatest number of offers for a single listing. This time it is a normal listing in Glendale 85308 (not an REO in Chandler like the previous champion). MLS # 4745038 […]

Can I be on House Hunters?

A great post came out about how House Hunters is shot. A couple of years ago my wife being the decorator that she is asked me to check out this show on HGTV with her called House Hunters. Being a Phoenix REALTOR, I knew it had to be pretty fake when first time buyers were […]

Can I make a Cash offer on a HUD home?

This is one of those very quick answers, yes! In fact in this crazy Phoenix market right now, if you are able to, offer cash! It will greatly improve your odds of winning the deal. There are other things you can do to sweeten the offer, but cash will get more attention than anything else. […]