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How Long does a short sale take in Arizona?

Another question from a reader… How long does a short sale take in Arizona? I have 3 numbers to share, my fastest, my average and my slowest. First the average time it takes to close a short sale in the Phoenix area is about 3 months. There are lots of variables that come in to […]

Could I Make an Offer Before I’m Pre-Qualified?

From a reader of Craig’s Arizona, this question comes up from time to time and it’s a valid one as not all markets have the same answer. In the Phoenix Real Estate market, there is no rule that says you have to be Pre-Qualified to make an offer, however, I will tell you that many […]

What is going on?

The Phoenix Real Estate Market is wholly separate from the rest of the national real estate. Well, sort of, especially today. At the risk of being shamed later, I’m declaring that we’ve hit bottom and in a recovery. Why would I say such a statement? For the past 2 months, I’ve put in a dozen […]

ASU January 2012 Real Estate Report

Yesterday the Arizona State University Department of Real Estate released their January 2012 report under the new leadership of Michael Orr, Real Estate Statistician expert, and he did not disappoint. The old reports were good, but I especially like that Michael provides more commentary about what is going on. Here are the highlights:

Overall single […]

February 2012 Phoenix Median Home Price

I’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks, we’ve hit bottom in the Phoenix Real Estate Market and we’re working our way up. Today, another indicator came up, the Median Home Price for Phoenix Resale Homes. We’re at $120,000. Let’s look at what it was 6 months ago… $108,000. A little $12,000 increase in […]