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Home prices post Steep Decline, but not in Phoenix..

I love this article, they talk about all the homes prices in 19 of the 20 cities monitored by the S&P/Case-Shiller report had a steep decline for the month of November (as recently reported), they talk about all the negativity. But then they hit the footnote, Phoenix was the only one that didn’t decline. Yea, […]

Can I put in Multiple Offers?

I’m a regular contributor to Murphy’s Law Book, this one comes up very often, I’ll work with a buyer and eventually after looking at many homes, we’ll not only find one good option, but two. This is common in the Phoenix area because we have tracks of homes that have similar floor plan. Usually when […]

Another Bad Agent..

So I’ve been working on an offer with my client for 3 days with this Phoenix Real Estate agent. When I call on the property, all is great, some interest but no offers. So we write an offer for full list price and I deliver it. “Well, another full price offer just came in a […]

When an Active Listing is not Available

Another entry in my “You might have a bad agent” file, a client contacted me about a listing that he saw that lined up with what he was looking for. I stopped in yesterday and previewed and agreed, it was a match. I contacted the agent and told him that I was going to take […]

Got a Cell Phone, want to be alerted by 911?

Maricopa County has started a program where you can register your cell phone and your home address and if any Emergencies that cause the Reverse 911 system to be in-acted will page your cell phone. The program is really meant for those that don’t use a landline anymore and keeps the public safe. You can […]