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Starting the New Year off Right



Starting the New Year off Right On just a couple of days, 2012 will be starting and it’s expected to be the year we come out of the real estate crash. We’re already seeing improving numbers at the end of 2011. If you plan to buy or sell, upgrade or right-size, just let […]

2012, the best year ever…

This time of year, my mailbox starts getting slammed with promotions for classes and programs that will make 2012 the best year ever. Just like this time last year when 2011 was going to be the best year ever! You know what, I did set a record this year, the most closed sides ever in […]

Nice house, but you can’t see it…

Another chapter in my book of “You’ve got to be kidding me”. This time it’s not about a bad agent as much as it is about a bad Seller. Phoenix Real Estate is such a big market that just about everything happens. You get a bunch of Real Estate agents together over drinks and you […]

And soon the Craziness will begin

Pretty soon the Phoenix Real Estate will take off like a crazy thing! Why? Because we’ve got some pent-up buyers that just completed the holiday break and they will be ready to look again. Add to that some sellers that were holding off until after the holidays to list their homes. Sprinkle in an inventory […]

Search the Phoenix MLS

As I review the past year of keywords used to find my website, one that sticks out is Search for Phoenix Homes. I’ve used a couple of different systems to that help people search our local MLS as if they are an agent and each one, I’ve discovered that each one appeals to different types […]