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You have an offer, should I stop paying my Mortgage?

Some Phoenix Sellers will ask me this after they accept an offer. So can I stop paying my Mortgage now? Well, my advise is to never stop paying your Mortgage until instructed by the Title Agent that is coordinating with your lender for payoff. The reason being is that anything can happen between acceptance and […]

If you have Multiple Offers, what should you do?

So, we’re back to a market were a well priced home will get multiple offers. We haven’t seen that in the Phoenix Real Estate Market since 2005 when it was a frenzy. But you are the seller and you now have multiple offers to work through, what should you do. Well, the fast answer that […]

Inspection Period – Seller Side

The Phoenix Real Estate transaction is a large and complicated process. If you have a good agent, it will look like a snap. But one of the steps that you will be involved with is the Inspection. Just when you start to think everything is signed and delivered, you’ll hear about the inspection. What should […]

What are SPDS?

What Are SPDS? Arizona Real Estate law requires sellers disclose to buyers all known, material facts about properties they are selling. The Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) document created by the Arizona Association of Realtors is a convenient form for doing this. Everyone selling real estate in Arizona has to disclose this information, regardless if […]

No SPDS, No CLUE, what does that mean?

So a big phrase in the Phoenix Real Estate market right now is “No clue report”, an insurance claims history, “and no SPDS”, seller property disclosure statement. These are common statements in listings and contracts these days. You see them in short sales, fix and flips and lender owned sales.

What’s the big deal, really […]