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How to show your home when selling

When buyers come to your home it is critical to know how to talk to them. Here are some guidelines that will help you connect to them and pass along the fond memories that you have collected over the years in your home.

Rule 1 – Don’t ask personal questions like: Where do you live […]

Things to Know when Buying Real Estate

If you want to be taken seriously and want to actually buy a real estate property without getting the dreaded “stigma” – please read ahead. These are 6 simple factors every Phoenix real estate buyer should play close attention to.

1. What is the most you will pay for a property? (whether in perfect condition […]

Staging Tips to Sell your Home

It’s no secret, I prefer to show staged homes because my buyer clients are more inclined to buy them, even the investors. Here are some tips I recommend to make a great first impression to get your home sold:

Buy a large, plain, neutral-colored doormat to replace each existing mat. Consider your first step into […]

Does Arizona use LSR?

An LSR is a Loan Status Report, it was the form we used for many years to show a real estate buyer was qualified to purchase a home. Often the agent representing the sellers would get instructions from the seller to not present an offer without an LSR or a Proof of Funds for a […]