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State Wide MLS

One of my desires is to see a state-wide Multiple-Listing Service (MLS). This would in effect provide a participating agent in one location to see listings in another part of the state. Now, many think that this would cause a flood of agents practicing in areas that they don’t know, and at first, this may […]

Actual Voice Mail from a Bad Agent

Okay, another one for the You might have a bad agent file:

I called a listing agent late Friday to schedule a showing on Sunday, either late morning or early afternoon. Not unusual, the agent doesn’t answer, so I leave a message indicating that I have a buyer that is interested in seeing her listing […]

Why use a Realtor®?

In today’s ever changing real estate market it is easy to search properties on the web, but very confusing on who to call for help. Or maybe you think you would should go it alone without the help of anyone. Here are some reasons that home buyers should consider consulting with a Agent.

Most Agents […]

What should you expect from your Mortgage Agent

What should you expect from your Mortgage Agent? Well, if you are financing your home, you should expect quite a bit, after all they are critical to your success on buying your next home. As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog about successful relationships with agents, the same holds true for Mortgage Agents, open […]

FHA/VA Highlights

Spencer Anglin, a buddy of mine over at Velocity Financial provide me with this great Summary on FHA/VA loans. It answers the questions on how soon can someone get a mortgage after bankruptcy or a foreclosure as well as other gems. Check it out.

FHA Highlights