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Is it a Good Offer?

You’ll hear everyone talk about offers, it was a good offer, it was a bad offer. What exactly makes an offer good or bad? There is no magic formula or criteria, but there are several things you can look at. So many offers are going around in the Phoenix Real Estate market and to make […]

What is an Escrow Account?

An escrow account is a designated savings account into which funds get deposited for a specific purpose.

With respect to real estate and home loans, escrow accounts are used to pay real estate tax bills and homeowners insurance payments.

Escrow accounts are managed and disbursed by lenders.

When a homeowner “escrows” his mortgage, along with […]

Why call me when Buying?

Interesting study came out from the National Association of Realtors® that showed the benefits that buyers felt from using a Realtor®. The top 3 were:

Helped them understand the process Pointed out unnoticed features and faults of property Negotiated better sales contract terms

While selling real estate in Phoenix for a number of years now, […]

Closing Events

What happens around close of escrow?

In Arizona, our standard purchase contract says that a home buyer will sign their documents no later than 3 days prior to close of escrow. That means we need to sign papers several days before the agreed on closing date in the contract.

Typically, we’ll walkthough the house a […]

Investing – Shotgun Style

I’ve worked with a number of Investors in the Phoenix Real Estate Market for a number of years. I can always tell those that know what they are doing versus those that are just getting into it. Those that have been doing it successfully for a while are talking specifics, price range, locations, rental rates. […]