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Importance of Photos

This is one of my favorite topics, it comes from me being visual and from looking at tons of listing for my clients. From experience, I know that a picture is not necessarily the home. I’ve seen plenty of homes were the pictures look great and the home is terrible and I’ve been on the […]

Arizona Spring Training Schedule 2010

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What’s important when selling your Home

As a successful real estate agent, I’m always looking at factors that contribute to a successful sale of a home. I’ve identified 6 factors that contribute to the success, listed in order of importance:

Pricing – Pretty straight forward, if the price is lower than the competition, it will sell quickly, if it is higher […]

Stetson Valley Community

Phoenix offers a lot of great places to call home and as a father, I’m particularly impressed with Stetson Valley. This place has family in mind when the development started and finished. From all the little places to have a pick-up game of football to baseball, places for the kids to go to cool off […]

What to leave for the new Owners?

Congratulations on selling your home! Now you want to know what you should leave for the new owners, well, here are my suggestions:

Owner’s manuals and warranties for appliances left in the house. Garage door opener. Extra sets of house keys. A list of local service providers — the best dry cleaner, yard service, plumber, […]