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20th Annual Midnight Madness

Running Masters will be holding their 20th Midnight Madness to run in the 2010 year, actually since the race starts at 10:30 pm and only goes 3 miles, you’ll technically be finishing the 2009 year with a run. I missed this race last year since I and my entire family was under the weather, but […]

Arizona is a Happy State

According to the folks at LiveScience, Arizona is the 5th happiest state to live in. Well, I knew we would be ranked up there, we average over 300 sunny days a year and since moving here, I know that has had some great effects on my mood. And this time of the year is the […]

The Nutcracker in the North Valley

My wife has been wanting to see The Nutcracker for quite some time. I’ve found a presentation coming up this holiday season close to home. The Spisak Dance Academy has been putting on a show for 29 years. A quick phone call and I have two tickets to see the show and another phone call […]

Running Season.. Well, Racing Season

This year, I set out to run 500 miles, so far, I’m up to 441 miles. The good news, I’ve dropped 9 pounds and shaved a minute off my Personal Best Pace (pbp), I’m currently at 9:11 per mile, or roughly 6.6 mph. I’m happy with my results, even though it’s still not good enough […]