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ARMLS Adds Accessibility Features

The first house I purchased in Phoenix was from a couple where the wife had a below the knee amputation. I had met with them several times during the transaction and the discussion of the work that they did to make the house more accessable was surprising to me (in time, cost and effort). They […]

Kid’s Calendar of Activities

Being the proud parent of a growing and curious 2 year old, we can be challenged with finding things for her to do. Recently a friend of ours sent us a link to Raising Arizona Kids website where we found a great calendar that shows activities by day. We’ve found all sorts of things to […]

Vacant House Scam

This isn’t a new scam and probably under our current market conditions, isn’t likely to go away soon. As a property owner that leases property, I’ve had applicants verify my status as the owner on several occasions. Here is the alert straight from ARMLS:

A recent scam reported to ARMLS® involves tenants moving into a […]