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Interesting Green Site

While I was doing some research from an article I was reading, I ran across a rather interesting and appealling site on Green topics. Sustain Lane on this site I learned how to make a temporary indoor composite container to how McDonald’s is going green. It was easy to burn a couple of hours looking […]

Phoenix Rank as a Safe City published their list of the 40 safest cities in America. They took the 40 largest cities and looked at data from crime stats, work-place deaths, traffic deaths, and natural disaster risk . While we weren’t the safest city out there, we did come in at 14th, just above Chicago.

I have to agree, I […]

Yorkshire Estates HOA Election and Meeting

Recently the Yorkshire Estates Home Owner’s Association held their annual meeting and elections. What a turn out, I’d say about half of the development was present. I would characterize the meeting as typical with the normal concerns about barking dogs and portable basketball hoops the topic of discussions.

The most notable item to me was […]

Pre-Holiday Housing Boom

Well, the news is abuzz:

Home resales rose in September to the highest level in more than two years.

This is true, from the National Association of Realtors®:

Existing-home sales bounced back strongly in September with first-time buyers driving much of the activity, marking five gains in the past six months.

Of course, there is […]

Chinese Drywall has been reported in Arizona

While most incidents of problems with Drywall are reported in the the Hurricane area of Florida and Louisiana, in all it has been reported in 27 states. Mostly complaints of the smell of rotten eggs from construction in 2006 and 2007. There was a small number of incidents reported in Arizona, but you should be […]