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Moving Checklist

Sometime ago I challenged my stager to give me a moving check list to give to clients, after using it with some success, I’ve decided it’s just better to post it for everyone to use and a good place for my clients to find it, so here it is. Please comment if you feel that […]

DVD Players and a 2 year old

A year ago, we bought a new SUV, something that would be good for the business and protect my family. At that time, my daughter was 1 and we made a rather long trip to St. George, UT for a vacation, one of the longest trips of my life, only because nothing could keep my […]

Why do I and other agents require an LSR?

I sometimes get this question, why do I require an LSR before I will show homes. This is a basic policy that I and other agents have to protect our time and the emotions of our clients.


Should I call on a house or have my Realtor call?

I was taken back by this question, mostly because if you have a Realtor, why are you asking me this question. None the less, here is the answer. To save headaches later, you should always ask your Realtor to call on anything that you are interested in that is Real Estate related. Much like you […]

Great Resource for Reverse Mortgages

One of my clients was asking me about Reverse Mortgages. It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with them that I felt I should brush up on them before getting into too much detail with her. So after a couple of phone calls, I found a highly recommended expert and I started conversing with her […]