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The end of the Fax Machine!

I’ve opposed the Fax Machine for a number of years, considering it a Dinosaur of the business industry. I still run across quite a few people that use it and have to be prepared to recieve faxes all the time. I maintain a eFax line from Accessline and receive about 20% of my documents through […]

Getting an Offer for your Home

With the market the way that it is, this comes up from a lot of my sellers, how can I get an offer for my home? Well, here are some of the tips that I’ve given:


Yorkshire Estates Community

Another Community highlight Yorkshire Estates is a small community located in Northern Phoenix, near the intersection of Interstate 17 and Loop 101 making it a nice location for access to the whole valley. This community has 46 lots 1/3 acre or larger surrounding a 3 acre park, it’s a gated community with large homes. The […]

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

I help a lot of first time home buyers navigate their first transaction, and often the land-mines that I have to help them watch out for include:


WeMAR Introduces Latte & Learn

Leave it to the creative minds at WeMAR to come up with a new learning environment, the Latte and Learn. This seems like a natural fit, even though I total dispise coffee, it’s amazing how many times I find myself in a coffee shop meeting with clients, agents, or friends. It is truly been a […]