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Phoenix Ranked in Forbes Where American Are Relocating

Forbes published their Ten Cities Where Americans Are Relocating recently and without much surprise, Phoenix is ranked on this list. We were ranked number 4, our 2008 population was 4,281,899. This shows a growth of 2.78% over the previous year.

So what’s the main reason people move to Phoenix? The answer that I hear the […]

Loan Rates are great, but….

Loan Rates are great, very good, some of the best rates I’ve seen in a long time, but, getting that rate is a different story. I’ve seen this time and time again, clients with great credit history and good ratios can’t quite get that rate that was advertised because the products aren’t there when they […]

Surprise is a Surprise Most Improved Selling Zip Code

BusinessWeek published a report on the best selling Zip Codes. Surprise, AZ (85379) is ranked #8, also of note is that 71% of the recent sales in the zip code are distressed sale, that is foreclosure, short sale or REO.

How to Increase your Client’s Chance of Selling with Pictures

I’m spending another day, like so many others, searching through the MLS for my clients. I’m spent quite a bit of time with my clients getting a feel for what they are looking for. I read the data sheets, the notes, comments, look at the map for location and spend some time looking at pictures. […]