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Should I get a new LSR / Qualification Letter?

This is one of those questions that comes up quite a bit and will eventually make it to a FAQ post that I will write one of these days.

The situation is pretty much, we found a house that my client wants to make an offer on, but the Loan Status Report (LSR), in Arizona […]

Increase in FHA loan limits for Maricopa

FHA, as part of the stimulus package, changed the loan limits for Maricopa County. They went from $271,050 to $346,250.

You can check the changes for other counties at

This is good news for those wanting to buy higher priced homes.

Some Statistics to Chew On

Today’s discouraging article on pushed me to run some reports. You won’t often find me reporting statistics on this site because they are just too general. Each person and each neighborhood are different and I generally work at that level with my clients. My view of the data is slightly different and pretty much […]

Time for Armchairing the Economy

This is purely a rant on my part, I would never, EVER, want to be in the position of trying to fix the economy, it’s broken in so many places that I can’t even figure out where to start. This is just an observation and an opinion that I have of something that could be […]