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Holiday/Christmas Lights

Growing up, I can remember going out before and after Christmas Eve Service looking at lights, it was a tradition that my mother deeply enjoyed and to some level I’ve learned to as well. In my younger years, it was just lack of patience waiting for presents. Now that I have a wonderful little girl, […]

A question of Ethics or Professionalism

I recently participated in another Real Estate Focus Group, I seem to be invited to more of these each year. One topic that was dominating was of Ethics.

I just cringed when someone brought it up. There are two reasons why this topic is like nails on a board to me, first define Ethics and […]

Appears loan modifications are not working out…

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article on loan modifications and the high rate of defaults that are still occuring.


New Law, don’t get caught

New year is coming up soon, and with it are resolutions, taxes and of course new laws will go into effect. This little known about law may catch you off guard.


Is now a good time to buy??

Short answer, yes, long answer it depends. Prices are low, inventory is high, this is called a buyer’s market. Add to the calculation that the interest rates have dropped. Homes are now more affordable than they have been for the last several years.