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Happy Halloween

Did you know that the first recorded Halloween celebration in the United States took place in 1921? That nearly a billion pumpkins are grown in the U.S. annually, nearly half of those in Illinois (where I grew up)alone? Source

It is estimated that over 36 million trick-or-treaters will hit the streets tonigh, trying to get […]

WeMAR Installation Breakfast

This morning, I attended the West Maricopa Association of Realtors (WeMAR) Installation Breakfast. This is an annual event to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and to look forward to the next year.


Joke: How old people call the police…

Who says that old people don’t know how to work the system…


Case-Shiller Numbers, we did it!

Congratulations Phoenix, we did it!! Case-Shiller numbers came out today and Phoenix ranked in the number 1 position. Okay, let’s talk about that in detail, it wasn’t the good #1 spot. But there is some good news in this.


Lobbying is still going on…

Even as many politicians are out on the campaign trail trying to drum up support, the lobbyist are hard at work on adding special interest to the next stimulus package.