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First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

There has been quite a bit of confusion around this part of the Stimulus bill. Some people believe it is a credit, but in reality, it’s more like a no interest loan. I’ve been able to get some details from my mortgage partners that will help clear up this part of the Stimulus bill.


Getting Ready to Sell your Home

When you start thinking about selling your home, you instinctively start packing up and cleaning, which is an excellent place to start. The more small items you can get packed and put away ahead of time, the better. What are some of the items you should think about packing up?

Small tables Extra toys Knick […]

Bank Owned versus New: A Buyer Observation

Over the weekend, I took a couple around to look at some listings. It was interesting, they called because they found a foreclosed property while driving around and the price on the flier excited them. They felt it was rather low. We started off talking about it, reviewed the flier and I called the listing […]

FHA Underwriting Adjustments

Once again, there is an adjustment in the requirements of the FHA Underwriting. This one comes about because of the buy and bail tactic that is becoming popular. It’s disappointing that we have to continue to make getting a load so much more harder.


Quote that made me pause

I’ve been a subscriber of Signal vs. Noise by 37 signals ever since I watched the first presentation of Ruby on Rails at OSCON 2005. Recently a post really spoke to me, from a technical and business perspective, which was probably the point.