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The Ameridream is going away

Recently, I received word that the Down-Payment Assistance (DPA) programs would be going away. DPA exists to help buyers enter the home-ownership market. The programs exist by having the seller provide a donation to another group to be used as a down payment for the buyer. They help many people to get into the home-ownership […]

Joke: Real Estate License

This happens to be one of my favorite jokes about Realtors and you will often hear me tell it, the sad part is that there is some truth to it.


Sometimes I do too good a job

I’m not trying to brag, in this case, too good was a bad thing. You see, I listed this property for the high end of the value range, it was in great shape, better than the other listings in the area. It was an entry level home, had all the appliances (new) and nicely remodeled, […]

Resturant Review: Sauce

This week, we review the resturant Sauce located in the new development Norterra at I-17 and Happy Valley Road.


On Vacation and Murphy stopped by

It’s in inevitable, anytime I go on vacation, right before there is a flurry of activity. In my case, I’m moving into a new house. I closed a transaction for an out of town buyers. Received an offer on a listing. And started having Internet access issues.

I’m not complaining, all but the Internet issue […]