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Selling your home and what not to do

Okay, so now I’m going to jump on the band wagon about what you can do to prevent your home from selling. This is from the past two weeks that I have been showing homes to prospective buyers. Willing and able buyers to purchase the home that they are looking for.

If you really don’t […]

The real cost of a short sale

Recently I had the privliage of being involved in a discussion of Short Sales with some of the best Realtors in the valley. Mind you, many of these agents have short sale listings, but few were even happy with the volume of short sales in the MLS. You see, there is a cost that very […]

Toning it Down: Using Neutral Colors to Appeal to Home Buyers

If you live in your home long enough, and decorate it to your own tastes, your house will inevitably reflect your personality. This is wonderful when you’re living in your home, but may not work to your advantage when you are selling it. One of the steps in preparing your house for sale is to […]

Arizona Golf Websites

I have a new client that is buying a second home in the Phoenix area. He is an avid golfer so I compiled a list of websites to help him get the inside on the local courses:

Golf Arizona

Arizona Golf Courses

Discount Golf Tee Time – Sign up for discounted tee times

Phoenix Scottsdale […]

New Theme

So I’ve been doing a lot of CSS over the past couple of weeks, I helped my wife build her company website. I’ve been out looking for a really cool theme for my blog, but wasn’t able to locate anything that was ‘me’, so I started to tinker under the hood and next thing I […]